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How do I get aWF Space?

WF Education Group is a family of companies that has been serving the education and library sectors for over 100 years. A global solution provider for specialist education; we design spaces to improve wellbeing and learning outcomes.

Affect your outcomes and design an environment unique to your ethos and the people it serves.

Collaborate with our design team and develop spaces and solutions that meet your needs, solve your challenges, and can continue to adapt as the learning landscape evolves – building flexibility for the future.

We think differently and add value by bringing you easy-to-configure modular, technical and loose furniture solutions to create zoned and flexible settings for education and community spaces. Inspirational environments are proven to increase engagement and help to support the improvement of learning outcomes and wellbeing.

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“We have to recognize that human flourishing is not a mechanical process; it’s an organic process. And you cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do, like a farmer, is create the conditions under which they will begin to flourish.”​
― Sir Ken Robinson

A WF Space insteps...


Step 1


We take time to understand your ideas, the physical space, the scope of the project and impact on learning outcomes, utilisation, and wellbeing. We have installed solutions in some of the world’s most inspirational academic and public service environments.


Step 2


Designed in real-time, WF provides a full space planning service to public sector and educational clients. Detailed considerations of evolving teaching pedagogy and the utilisation of space are balanced alongside the flow and the feel of individual zones.

Step 3


Thanks to our turnkey service and the way we design, from sign-off to handover, installation is quick and hassle–free. There are no excessive requirements for dealing with architects and multiple suppliers – we take care of everything, at every stage.


Step 4


Your project partner, long after installers have left. To ensure high levels of engagement with your new space, our teams provide ongoing customer and technical support, advice on upgrading elements over time and annual servicing and maintenance.

The only limit is your imagination…

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