Akira WorkBench

A mobile, heavy-duty bench designed and manufactured in the UK by WF Education Group specifically for use in practical and technical education settings. 

Create your WorkBench configuration…

Teach your way. Its primary usage is to provide a stable, reliable, configurable bench solution in a mobile format that creates a flexible technical environment. Designed alongside educators, the Akira™ WorkBench provides education-specific features in a modular format -including variable storage options, power outlet options, machinery, robotics arenas, mobility-enhancing grab points. Coupled with other products in the Akira™ family, the modular solutions provide consistent workstations across a wide variety of practical education applications in colour themes to suit your school setting.  

Create layouts to suit teaching styles, learning styles and activities –group working, individual work, presentations, competitions, lecture-style etc.  

Upgrade your spaces fast as teaching staff rotate and activities evolve.

Do not get caught out with a fixed layout!

The Akira™ WorkBench enables flexible learning environments and is fully mobile and upgradeable, it can be used in any learning space to deliver quality practical education and support the development of key skills. 

Get more usage from your practical, technical spaces by running different activities in the same room – and change the balance of each activity. 

Storage, surfaces, equipment, applications. The choice is yours…

Slide Multiple applications Configurable storage and accessories across machinery use, practical science, robotics, and hand-tooling means the system can be used across the school campus. Fully mobile
Designed to move through standard door widths with heavy duty castors and standardised power inputs you have flexibility over that system’s location. Wheels can be locked into place for full stability.
Gold standard Health and Safety
Your design
Configurable in design and flexible in use. The Akira™ WorkBench provides teachers with an opportunity to configure their spaces the way the works best for teaching and learning. Designed for education, this system offers enhanced health and safety compliance with an optimised power interlock system
(for machinery configurations), robust castors, acoustic dampening, and lockable storage.

Workbench Solutions

Available in various configurations and the following colour options

Akira™ WorkBench Standard

Mobile workbench specifically designed for practical education. Create truly flexible, future-proof spaces for technical subjects. Available in an assortment of colours. 

Akira™ WorkBench Elite

…all the benefits of the Standard version, plus a power outlet unit with four plug outlets and two USB smart charging ports that charge according to the requirements of the device. Also includes an under-bench storage unit for equipment. 

Ideas to inspire your WorkBench configuration…


Make your D&T and STEM equipment mobile by configuring your WorkBench with the Machinery worktop, integrated extraction, and fully compliant safety add-ons…


Easily take your Science demonstrations from prep room to lab by opting for the anti-microbial Science worktop, your choice of storage system, and the gantry system so you can light up and record your work for later…


Give your students the tools to bring their models to life with robotics by selecting power trunking, fully integrated soldering extraction, and lockable storage to keep their projects safe… 


Encourage problemsolving by letting “making” be part of any classroom – create a mobile workstation equipped with power and all the tools and equipment for simple craftwork… 

Start building your Akira™ System today!

Work with our specialist team to create an amazing space.

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