Anti-slavery and human trafficking statement


Modern-day slavery within businesses and supply chains can take many forms, but ultimately represents an abuse of the human rights of vulnerable workers. WF Education Group acknowledges and accepts its social responsibility in respect of identifying and acting upon any evidence of slavery or human trafficking within its business and supply chains.

WF Education Group Structure & Business

Within the WF Education Group are five brands; Demco France, Demco Interiors, Gresswell, Maudesport, Timstar and TSL, each serving a specific sector within the education and leisure market.

WF Education Group and its subsidiaries serve the education community by providing quality equipment, supplies and services to education, libraries and civic institutions, leisure and public-sector customers worldwide.

WF Education Group is part of a privately-owned company, Wall Family Enterprise, with its head office in Madison, US.

Our supply chains

WF Education Group sources and procures market-ready items globally for the provision of equipment and services into its target market.

WF Education Group position on slavery and human trafficking

WF Education Group has a zero-tolerance policy towards slavery and human trafficking and will only knowingly trade with businesses who comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, or those who are taking steps towards compliance. WF Education Group is committed to ensuring that relationships are carried out ethically and with integrity and that with all reasonable endeavours practical steps are taken to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking within its supply chains or in any part of the business.

WF Education Group’s commitment to its social responsibility towards modern slavery and human trafficking includes:

  • Communication of WF Education Group’s position on modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Supplier factory, warehouse and tied-accommodation audits
  • The use of independent accredited organisations
  • Supplier contract review and compliance with UK Modern Slavery Act
  • Financial integrity
  • UK regulatory compliance