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From Render to Reality!

Based in Tonbridge in Kent the Paddock Wood Library was founded in 1889 and has been serving the community ever since. Their range of services are wide, it deals mostly with public issues from social services to business, community, education, learning, health, wellbeing, culture, job services, transportation and much more.

WF Education Group were asked to design the upgraded area on the back of having just completed a mini refurbishment at the Kent History and Library Centre.

Our design team were able to refine and communicate our design remotely via Teams calls, producing the quote/visuals/suggested colour schemes within 2 weeks of the initial enquiry. To fit with the library’s schedule for shut down and loss of services, the project and installation needed to be turned around fast.

The team recommended a layout created from our Everna™ range as it fitted with what they wanted from within the space… modern, attractive, and flexible – everything the original library wasn’t.

The carefully considered modular elements of the Everna™ system allows for limitless combinations of colours, application and layout which give library managers real control over designing their library and learning spaces.

“We absolutely love it! We are so pleased!”

Sarah Gilbert – Assistant Service Manager

Though not a large space, the design incorporated designated ‘zones’ for adults, children, and IT users, as well as a help desk, self-issue station and a quick picks section.

The double-sided shelving units maximise the space for book stock, while adding essential display shelving, particularly in the children’s area. Woodland themed graphics, cushions and rugs accentuated the outside in feel of the upgraded space to appeal to a younger audience.

To give the space a cohesive feel, our designers suggested that the shelving was clad in one colour – kiwi green, giving the space a real identity.

To begin designing your next amazing space, contact the team today.

Browse the Everna™ range and explore the possibilities…

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