Science Laboratories

Design engaging science laboratories that combine our flexible furniture system with a variety of application-specific equipment. 

Quality equipment can be underutilised if the surrounding lab architecture is not conducive to optimum performance and inspiring students and improving learning outcomes.

Equipment becomes more “plug and play” when collaboration exists between utilities and flexible furniture. This is where the fun part of design comes in, by situating all the support utilities (gas, electric, water) centrally, flexible furniture from our Everna™ range allows the space to be reconfigured to suit teaching requirements.

Our designers plan for interconnection between the practical and theoretical aspects of teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Spaces should inspire – a visually striking lab space does play an important role in engaging students. This holistic approach also helps toward versatility in lab designs, particularly helpful since technology is moving faster than the labs are being renovated.

Introducing WF Laboratories

From design to installation, maintenance, and aftercare, the WF team would like to develop your next science space with you.

We create spaces that work. We understand the specialised requirements for teaching theoretical science, demonstrating the theory and conducting class practicals, as well as health and safety considerations.

WF Laboratories are also designed to engage and inspire the student with a range of contemporary colours, finishes and wall graphics available.
The only limit is your imagination…



In every space.
Offers flexibility in the design with adaptable layouts to fit specialised pedagogy.

Configured to your needs

Modularity and choice.
High level of modularity and reconfigurability to meet the needs of practical and theoretical teaching requirements.


Can be upgraded, converted or re-configured based on the evolving pedagogical needs of your space.

21st Century skills

Our modular solutions are focussed on skill development by organising layouts to offer options for collaboration, presentation and creativity.


Our solutions intrinsically link pedagogical activities with spatial settings – providing ultimate versatility for a variety of teaching and learning styles.


Considered design.
We take your ideas and our expertise to create unique fit-for-purpose, human-centrically designed inspiring spaces.

Science and research are key to addressing humanity’s biggest challenges, now and in the future. Creating the right spaces and environments for teaching the next generation is essential. Explore our whitepaper on ‘The Science of Space – Laboratories of Tomorrow’ Take me to the white paper

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