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Rather than being restricted to rigid structures and activities, there are innovative ways to strike a healthy balance between academic freedom and frameworks within the learning environment. 

Create a more flexible space that fosters focus, creativity and learning, collaboration and socialising with moveable, modular seating. WF Education‘s ethos supports offering students’ multiple options of where and how to learn. 

Give control to your students, at any age to design their own learning environment and let their imaginations guide them to create seating arrangements that perfectly suit their needs.  

Claria™ seating provides the perfect solution for small cosy spaces or larger collaborative areas. Soft modular seating is less inflexible than sofas where students have to sit in close quarters and also importantly offers the ability to rearrange the seating according to need.  

Soft seating areas where students can gather and relax are recognised as important for health and wellbeing. In an ideal world, every learning space across the learning landscape would offer students some sort of soft seating option. An uncomfortable student is more easily distracted and unproductive. Opportunities to move to sit in a less rigid position throughout the day is linked to higher academic performance, better health and wellbeing. 

This type of seating is most often associated with breakout areas, libraries, common rooms and reception spaces – we would extol the virtues of also including soft seating in space planning for classrooms, dining halls, corridors and performance spaces. 

Formal and informal learning spaces.

WF Education_Modular System_Tetrix

Empower your classes to deconstruct and rebuild their seating area to suit them or task them with creating configurations suited to your teaching – presentation, collaboration or relaxation. The beauty of Claria™ is that each of the individual elements is light enough to be reconfigured by students as young as Primary, giving them autonomy and choice.  

Informal learning is learner-centred, unplanned, self-directed with no set goals and is more directly associated with less formal seating arrangements, as it encourages free-thinking, conversation and exchange of ideas. 

Formal learning is structured, goal-orientated and teacher-led. Flexible soft seating is less often considered but can be useful for gathering students for task instruction, tutorials, group talks and seminars. 

Reconfigure the space – fast.

Our system does not require the rigidity of heavy wooden structures within the shapes as the Claria™ system is made from very high-density foam. They are rigid enough to sit on top of each shape without malformation but squishy enough to relax and sit comfortably.  

The foam makes the shapes light, durable and ultimately flexible. Students can pick up or push the individual shapes around a space or from room to room to create infinite configurations. Because there are no fiddly fastenings joining the pieces together, students can move them quickly changing the configuration in minutes. 

We use a fire-resistant polyurethane foam, which carries the mark of the ISO standard 2439 (Flexible cellular polymeric materials — Determination of hardness (indentation technique)) and is a measure of its load-bearing properties and ability to hold and retain its shape after many uses. 


More than just fabric.

We finish the range with a PVC coated, PVC/cotton mix fabric that is fire retardant, stainresistant and perfect for standing up to the rigours of an educational environment. The colour of the fabric corresponds to the distinct shapes across four heights – 900mm, 600mm, 450mm and 300mm. 









Bearing recent events in mind, we also chose this fabric for its antimicrobial properties, effective against a broad spectrum of microbes including bacteria, molds fungi and the even the coronavirus – preventing their growth and proliferation. 

Using this kind of added coating provides a greater level of protection and are perfect for high-traffic areas like libraries and breakout spaces. 

Pick and Mix! 

There are 18 different sizes and shapes to create an endless range of tiered and free-standing seating arrangements to fit your space perfectly. 

Because they are not permanently tethered, the carefully curated range can be combined in infinite configurations to create truly unique and aesthetically pleasing learning zones and spaces. 

We have rectangles, corners, wedges, cubes and hexagons which can be selected individually and combined to make bespoke shapes or purchased in pre-selected seating modules that will fit easily into your space. 

And if you’re looking for a fast ready-made solution we have a number of pre-determined modules of tiered and amphitheatre-style seating arrangements and smaller modules suitable for classroom corners, corridors or reception spaces. 

You can continue to add extra elements and extend your soft seating areas by purchasing additional shapes individually.  


Unique seating areas.

Choosing a seating option that offers variety can create a unique character for your learning spaces, encouraging students to utilise the space in different ways and encouraging collaboration and social interaction.  

With four different heights available, students can choose which size or shape suits them best and which they find most comfortable to sit on.  

The 450 mm shapes are suitable for use at a standard height desk as an alternative to chairs or stools. 

It doesn’t matter how BIG or small your space is or what shape it is, Claria™ provides complete versatility. It will adapt to you and your needs. 

Our team are happy to help you design the perfect selection of shapes for your space.

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