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  • Turnkey service to provide a dedicated space for health and fitness in            an education setting.
  • Not only a space for fitness, but space for collaboration, attainment,              settling learning objectives to support the development and educational        outcomes for all students.
  • Combine elements and quality equipment to create unique spaces.
  • WF can fit-out existing or new-build spaces.


  • Everna™ available in 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm units.
  • Suitable and high-quality exercise equipment.
  • Wide range of colour and finish options to suit your scheme.
  • Can be combined with modular soft seating.


  • Stash-it storage cupboard
  • Lock-it lockers
  • Akira™ Store mobile cupboard
  • Write-it panel
  • Pin-it panel
  • Personalise-it panel
  • Chalk-it panel
  • Hive-it acoustic panel

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