Modular, mobile furniture systems to support flexible learning. 

Developed to personalise your learning environment, the Akira™ system is a range of modular and mobile elements designed to bring flexibility to technical, practical learning spaces. 

Our solution empowers teachers to create environments to suit their teaching styles and adapt to students’ differentiated learning styles. 

Consisting of mobile workbenches, storage, group working and desking, the Akira™ range has been designed for use in specialist teaching spaces such as Design and Technology (Resistant Materials workshops, Robotics labs, CAD/CAM suites etc.), Science (Laboratories, Prep Rooms etc.), Art and Design, Textiles and Physical Education. 

The mobility of the range means spaces can be quickly and simply reconfigured to adapt to the application and teaching or student requirements. 

Product Solutions

Akira™ Store

Expand the usage of each of your spaces with the Akira Store – a heavy-duty, mobile solution designed specifically for use in practical and technical education settings.

Akira™ WorkBench

Make your learning space flexible and personal with the Akira™ Workbench. Choose your equipment, worktop, and storage solutions to create your fully mobile, 850mm technical workstation.  

Make spaces flexible with Akira™ Systems

This space has been designed using the Akira™ System to provide a flexible layout that can be easily adapted to a number of distinct applications. The modular and mobile elements create endless possible layouts.

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