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  • A flexible informal environment where students can meet, relax and               socialise
  • Design a comfortable zone with the Everna™ and configurable                          Claria™ seating
  • Can be used for meetings and collaborative work, projects, social                    events, and presentations
  • Perfect for secondary or tertiary education spaces


  • Available in 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm units
  • Adaptable for any shape or size space – endless configurations
  • Select additional soft seating options, such as beanbags and stools
  • Wide range of colour and finish options to suit your scheme


  • 3 x Cosi den
  • 5 x Explore 1 shelving
  • 1 x Write-it panel
  • 3 Tier Claria™
  • 1 x Cosi Zen den
  • Unit clad in Vincenza Oak
Smoke Blue
Onyx Grey
Kiwi Green
Vincenza Oak
Curry Yellow

Mix and Match…

Create YOUR system today.

Explore the possibilities of the Everna™ system by selecting and combining elements and colours that suit your space and requirements.  

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