Get curious! Spaces to support and engage students to question, investigate and explore, developing transferable skills and knowledge. 

Science for Modern Learners

A WF Laboratory design creates an environment for pupils to learn, discover and enjoy their science lessons. We design and install laboratories that integrate all teaching and health and safety requirements with adaptable layouts for demonstration, practicals and collaboration.

We work with you to understand your requirements and create layouts perfect for your space and application.

Traditional, fixed layouts can be restrictive and not conducive to evolving pedagogy. Our range offers you choice to select the layout, furniture, and equipment best suited to you.

Our turnkey service means that as well as design and installation, WF offers a wide range of suitable quality science equipment and consumables to complete your project.

How do I get anWF Laboratory?


Step 1


We take time to understand your ideas, the physical space, the scope of the project and impact on learning outcomes, utilisation, and wellbeing. As a specialised teaching space, science laboratories must also satisfy all health and safety and safe working requirements.


Step 2


Designed in real-time, WF provides a full space planning service to public sector and educational clients. Detailed considerations of evolving teaching pedagogy and the utilisation of space are balanced alongside the flow and the feel of individual zones.

Step 3


Thanks to our turnkey service and the way we design, from sign-off to handover, installation is quick and hassle–free. There are no excessive requirements for dealing with architects and multiple suppliers – we take care of everything, at every stage.


Step 4


Your project partner, long after installers have left. To ensure high levels of engagement with your new space, our teams provide ongoing customer and technical support, and advice on upgrading elements over time.

Features of a WF Laboratory:


There are 3 main options for the distribution of services within a laboratory (overhead, underfloor and perimeter). However, these are not limited as there are variations and on occasions 2 systems can be combined. For full advantages and disadvantages of using each method, please refer to DfE BB80.

Demonstration and Teacher’s Desk

We understand the importance of having both suitable space for demonstrating practical elements of the curriculum and adequate space for teaching and marking. WF offers a number of options and layouts, which can be combined to create a space that best works for you.

Health and Safety

As standard, we consider ventilation, acoustics, lighting, water, power, and gas requirements when designing and planning effective laboratories to meet relevant health and safety and general efficiency standards within the laboratory.

Worktop Space

We offer a range of specialist work surface materials such as Trespa, Corian, laminate or resin. These surfaces have been chosen for their chemical resistance, high wear and scratch resistance, impact resistance, and durability.

Teaching and Storage Wall

Lack of storage can be a disadvantage of traditional lab layouts.
Our designs maximise every available space to include a range of storage cupboards, shelves, lockers, and even complete walls of storage.

Preparation Room

The science preparation room, ‘prep room’ acts as a central storeroom for technicians within the establishment, and includes zones of ‘activity’ – storage, preparation, dispensing and cleaning, clean work area and chemical store.

Effective Science Departments

Our ‘Design and Build’ service has been created to assist and develop the considerations of science educators, advisers, architects, and designers.

Teachers and technicians require a learning environment which will assist students to establish a sound knowledge base and skill set to enhance their learning. The science laboratory is the practical area for teaching and learning, and all laboratories should provide work environments in which practical work may be accomplished effectively and safely.

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Not ready for a full space just yet?

Our Laboratory designs feature elements from our Everna™ and Akira™ ranges. Start your journey by adding some of our modular and mobile furniture into your existing spaces.

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