“I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”
– Theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein

Your Space. Your Design.

Our experienced and passionate team will provide insights, advice and support to shape your learning spaces to optimise learning outcomes and improve wellbeing. 

improve learning outcomes

Your environment is unique with specific teaching models and ethosWF Education works in close partnership to deeply understand your spaces and design inspirational solutions to meet your needand goals. 

solutions for modern learners

The education landscape is evolving. As problem solvers, creative thinkers and envelope pushers, we take inspiration from our teams across the globe to design relevant and future-fit learning environments. 

designs inspired by human nature

We design spaces with heart and brain, helping you to do what you do best. Our guiding principle is not to dictate but to use our combined expertise to interpret your vision and bring it to life. 

interpreting a vision for learning

We appreciate it takes a number of factors working in harmony to positively affect learning outcomes. Effective, flexible and configurable learning spaces are a critical landscape in which staff and students can thrive.

Let’s create an amazing space…


Learning Spaces and Libraries


Science Laboratories


Design and Technology


Sport and Leisure

do you have a lack of...?

Whether it be space, storage, utilisation or collaboration space, whatever your challenge, we have a solution that works.

School leaders, headteachers and CEO’s

Inspire students and teachers with spaces and solutions that support your vision for teaching and learning.


Explore our range of modular and technical, practical furniture, complementary seating and writing surfaces, as well as our carefully selected teaching resources and products.

Architects and interior designers

Make space planning easy with our range of modular and flexible furniture for the whole educational environment. 

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