real-world skills CAD/CAM Suite concept to reality research, design, prototype

real-world skills

research, design, prototype

concept to reality


CAD/CAM Suites

Our cleverly designed system can create a dedicated resource space or be incorporated into a larger teaching space. A WF CAD/CAM suite creates flexible space with mobile furniture that can be reconfigured according to the teaching or learning style required.

From initial research, computer-aided design and prototyping, to the manufacture of a working product; our CAD/CAM suites create an immersive and engaging environment for students to understand commercial manufacturing and industrial practices.

We create spaces in your school to support industry-related equipment and processes, from graphics packages to 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Routers and Milling Machines, enabling your students to develop their skills and knowledge of automation through computer-aided design and manufacture.

Create your CAD/CAM suite alongside our specialist team.

Real-time design

WF Education has an on-site design capability that allows you to work with our designers in real time to create a unique space, perfect for your requirements. We take our modular and mobile furniture systems and fit them into the dimensions of your space.  

Elegant simplicity

Every element of the Akira™ range is mobile. The Akira™ Store can be used singly in a space or grouped together for the ultimate moveable storage solution.

Other spaces for Design & Technology and Engineering

We provide specialised spaces for all types of Design, Technology and Engineering education including (but not limited to) the flexible Design Studio, provision of robotics, resistant materials, woodworking, metalworking, plastic forming, CAD/CAM, engineering, textiles, food preparation and nutrition, and art and graphics.