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Design Studio

Design Studio

The WF Design Studio, with variable layouts including research and design, fabrication, presentation, and competition is comprised of one system of cleverly curated mobile furniture. 

The Akira™ fully mobile system allows for the fast configuring of spaces to best suit their application. Move desking and seating to promote collaboration and group working for design and prototyping, provide safe working zones around machinery during fabrication and create arenas for competition with seating arranged for spectating. 

The Design Studio space concept can be adapted to fit any space to suit your requirements and can easily support the delivery of multiple activities within the same space. 

Build work-readiness skills with a flexible space…

This blog explores the link between skills development, styles of teaching and learning and the space.

Not ready for a full space just yet?

The flexible Design Studio is made up of elements from the Akira™ range. Start your journey by adding some flexible elements into your existing space. 

Other spaces for Design & Technology and Engineering

We provide specialised spaces for all types of Design, Technology and Engineering education including (but not limited to) the provision of robotics, resistant materials, woodworking, metal working, plastic forming, CAD/CAM, engineering, textiles, food preparation and nutrition, and art and graphics.