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Resistant Materials Workshops

Are you still working in a workshop with little or no flexibility because you have fixed equipment?

Enhance the utilisation of your workshop with fully mobile elements from the Akira range. This turnkey service and one system approach mean that machinery, equipment, and workbenches suit the types of fabrication you need for a session.

Do you need more woodworking scrollsaws in one of your workshops? Simply move the single ‘equipment plus extraction’ system and plug it in where you need it. Do you want to expand your plastic forming provision for a session? The Akira Store™ modules give you everything you need, including equipment and materials, in a heavy-duty, mobile storage unit.

Design & Technology requires students to use a variety of machinery and equipment that will prepare them for the ever-evolving challenges in the workplace. To achieve the standards expected, schools need a relevant and wide range of machinery, equipment, materials, and technologies to produce prototypes of real-world products. Start building your new Resistant Materials Workshop alongside our specialist team.

One system. Endless possibilities…

The Akira™ range consists of modular and mobile elements, to easily swap in machinery and equipment to best suit the application and maximise the use of the space.

Firing the imagination of students…

Read our latest blog. We asked innovation specialists and educationalists for their vision of the importance of developing 21st-century skills through the teaching of D&T.

Other spaces for Design & Technology and Engineering

We provide specialised spaces for all types of Design, Technology and Engineering education including (but not limited to) the flexible Design Studio, provision of robotics, resistant materials, woodworking, metalworking, plastic forming, CAD/CAM, engineering, textiles, food preparation and nutrition, and art and graphics.