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Robotics/Electronics Lab

Robotics/Electronics Lab

Design engaging spaces for teaching Robotics and Electronics that combine our mobile and flexible furniture system with a variety of application-specific equipment.

WF has developed a range of modern and flexible labs for working with the latest technologies such as robotics, coding and hi-tech manufacturing. Within these spaces students can work in zoned areas that fully support the teaching of practical activities, using mobile and modular technical furniture which provides the required ‘clean room’ concept.

Our robotics and electronics labs allow you to not only personalise your space but also create arenas that give students the chance to evaluate their designs through competition with their peers.

Create your Robotics/Electronics lab alongside our specialist team.

Build work-readiness skills with a flexible space…

This guide demonstrates the link between skills development, styles of teaching and learning, and space – and shows you how to write a justification for your new space.

Endlessly reconfigurable spaces

The Akira™ WorkBench can be used for collaboration, presentation and competition. Fully mobile these benches can be easily reconfigured to create a robotics arena.

Other spaces for Design & Technology and Engineering

We provide specialised spaces for all types of Design, Technology and Engineering education including (but not limited to) the flexible Design Studio, provision of robotics, resistant materials, woodworking, metalworking, plastic forming, CAD/CAM, engineering, textiles, food preparation and nutrition, and art and graphics.