Akira Store 

A heavy-duty mobile storage cabinet with options for display and storage for equipment, tooling, and student projects.

One store, multiple applications.

Teach your way. Pick from our selection of Akira™ Store cabinets to suit most flexible learning environments. The store provides a heavy-duty but mobile storage solution to maximise the use of your space and be moved from room to room.

With a number of options for configuring the inside of your Akira™ Store, it can be used in Design & Technology, Laboratory and Sports and Leisure settings. Choose from adjustable shelves and trays to create your own perfect storage cabinet.

The Akira™ Store provides space for 3D printers, storage for equipment (plastic forming, textiles, CAD/CAM etc.), tooling and student projects.

We also offer pre-filled stores, providing equipment and consumables for a particular activity. Modules include: CAD/CAM | Electronics | Tools | Plastic Forming | Textiles.

Storage, finish, equipment, applications. The choice is yours…

Slide Configurable storage Gold standard Health and Safety Designed for education the Akira™ Store can be relied upon, constructed from quality materials, with robust castors, acoustic dampening and lockable storage. Fully mobile
Designed to move through standard door widths with heavy duty castors and standardised power inputs you have full flexibility over the system’s location. Wheels can be locked into place for full stability.
Create your perfect store, selecting from shelves and trays.

Your design
Configurable in design, flexible in use the Akira™ Store comes in a range of aesthetically pleasing colours and finishes to create inspiring and engaging environments across the learning space.

Choose your module…


A unit pre-filled with equipment and materials for expanding the CAD/CAM provision in your space.


A unit pre-filled with equipment, tools and consumables to instantly turn your clean room into an electronics lab. 


A unit pre-filled with essential hand tools for craft and woodworking.

Plastic Forming

A unit pre-filled with equipment and materials for expanding the plastic forming provision in your space. 


A unit pre-filled with equipment and materials for expanding the textiles provision in your space.

Start building your Akira™ Store today!

Work with our specialist team to create a storage system, bespoke to your needs.

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