Design and Technology

Design engaging spaces for Design and Technology that combine our mobile and flexible furniture system with a variety of application-specific equipment. 

We understand the connection between physical learning spaces, relationships, methods of interaction, and the whole learning experience.

The challenge of twenty-first-century learning is in creating environments and spaces in which teachers can teach and learners can learn most effectively to succeed. 

Learning takes a dynamic form when students have the opportunity to practise what they have been taught. Since no one can predict how education, technology, and teaching modalities will evolve, learning spaces must have the ability to adapt to whatever changes the future may hold.  

To achieve this flexibility, WF design studios and workshops have mobile furniture and flexible systems that can be easily reconfigured to support different applications. 

WF’s cleverly designed mobile and modular Akira™ range brings flexibility to technical, practical learning spaces and provides better utilisation of space with flexibility in layout and application. 

Engaging Spaces for Design, Technology and Engineering.

WF Education delivers state-of-the-art specialised spaces for the teaching of Design and Technology. We have a long history of providing the education sector with workshops and learning spaces; over £3 billion worth of educational facilities in the last five years.

Fit-for-purpose spaces motivate and capture the imagination of students, to design, develop, test and manufacture products of the future.


Design Studio


Robotics/Electronics Lab




Resistant Materials Workshop


1. More usage

For your spaces.
Cross-subject application of mobile solutions to create highly flexible, subject-agnostic rooms.

2. Configured to your needs

Modularity and choice.
High level of modularity and reconfigurability to meet the needs of the most demanding environments.

3. Work-readiness skills

Teach and prepare.
Nurture skills by organising layouts to offer options for collaboration, presentation and problem-solving.

4. Upgradable

Can be upgraded, converted or re-configured based on the evolving pedagogical needs of your space.

5. Health & Safety

Total compliance.
Our solutions comply with, or exceed, the globally-renowned British Standards, and are backed by ISO 9001 certified installation and maintenance services.

6. Mobile Solutions

Reconfigure spaces fast.
Fully moveable and configurable furniture to adapt to application and support different teaching and learning styles.

Introducing the Akira™ range

Transform the utilisation and application of your technical and practical learning spaces with our range of fully mobile furniture and equipment. Fit-out progressive Design Studios or more traditional layouts – taking your space from functional to flexible. 

The Akira™ range consists of modular and mobile furniture and quality equipment to support the creation of flexible spaces for modern learners. 

The ability to reconfigure a technical room allows you to create layouts to suit teaching styles and activities such as group work, solo study, presentation, competition, and lecture style. 

One system creates infinite configurations with mobile storage, workbenches, group working arrangements and desking alongside a carefully selected range of complementary loose seating. 

Make the best use of your dedicated spaces as rooms can be reconfigured easily and upgraded fast to adapt to the curriculum and teaching requirements. 

The room configurations below have been designed using the same number of individual mobile furniture elements. 

1.A.i.a.lab.high (1)
WF Education_Design Studio_Lab Theme_8
WF Education_Design Studio_Lab Theme_3

What skills are your students developing in STEM?

Pedagogical analysis around the world is filled with a variety of critiques on the balance between the learning of knowledge and the learning of skills. In real terms within our education systems, is it this black and white? Is it one or the other?

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