Sports and Leisure Spaces

WF Education designs easily accessible spaces for education, sport and leisure that encourage people of all ages to be more physically active as part of creating a sustainable healthy and happy lifestyle.

  • 1 in 5 children are overweight by the time they enter reception
  • 1 in 3 by the time they reach secondary school
  • 65% of adults are overweight (36%) or obese (29%)
    (Source NHS National Statistics)

Sport England’s new 10-year strategy ‘Uniting the movement” was published in 2021 and communicates a vision that everyone, regardless of age, background, or level of ability, can engage in sport, fitness, and physical activity to improve individually and collectively.

“When we Move, We are Stronger, Sport and physical activity can do so much more, play a role in society. Movement is essential for our health, communities, and the next generation.” Creating active environments requires a coordinated and holistic approach to the design and application of those surroundings.

Space a challenge? Many smaller spaces or existing classrooms can be adapted to become an Activity Studio and configured to inspire and encourage regular physical activity.

Introducing the Activity Studio

A flexible concept for practically any space specifically created for Physical Education & Physical Activity in Schools & Leisure centres to drive participation and engagement. This cleverly designed range of modular furniture and equipment consists of lockers, scribble walls, bespoke graphics, and tiered modular seating for presentation and lesson objective setting.

The infinite combinations of the Everna™ and Akira™ ranges combines multi-purpose open spaces with clever storage and display options to cater for a range of different activities – including circuit training, dance, yoga and multi-activity games, as well as teaching, objective setting and presentation. These spaces are suitable for education, community hubs and leisure centres.

With each element available in a range of contemporary colours and finishes – the only limit is your imagination…

Introducing the WF Party Room

Making the most of limited or small spaces, the WF Party room system creates a multi-functional reconfigurable space that is perfect for maximising utilisation and revenue-generating ventures.

The Everna™ furniture can be used to create storage and scribble walls that transform a small space into a party zone.

Quickly reconfigured, it can accommodate space to play games, serve food and refreshments. Loose modular seating from our Claria range can also be incorporated into the space to provide extra seating or to create zones or play areas.

This clever space can also be used for corporate events and conferences.

With a range of colours and contemporary finishes available, you can easily create a space that will always be in demand!


Spatial requirements

Appropriate for the use.
Create multi-use configurable spaces, with places for collaboration and attainment to maximise utilisation.

Smart storage

Built-in solutions.
Storage is never an afterthought. Offers flexibility in the design with adaptable layouts to fit specialised activity.


Our solutions intrinsically link specific activities with spatial settings – providing ultimate versatility for a variety of applications.


Bringing the most up to date technology designed to engage all ages in physical activity.

Health & safety

Total compliance.
Our solutions comply with, or exceed, the globally-renowned British Standards, and are backed by ISO 9001 certified installation and maintenance services.

A 360 Fit-out Solution

Quick installation for all spaces.
From design to completion, we have the knowledge and resources to create an amazing space.

Getting everyone active is critical to the health of the nation.

Creating spaces and environments that are inspiring and fit-for-purpose to encourage the next generation to get active and keep fit and healthy is essential.

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