Limitless combinations of application, colour, and configuration to create unique learning spaces.

One Modular System, Limitless Configurations.

The carefully considered modular elements of the system allows for limitless combinations of colours, application and layout which give educators real control over designing their learning spaces.

Each of our modules can be simply linked together or with the use of angled fillets to create unique combinations bespoke to your space and your requirements.

Maximise the utilisation of spaces and the engagement of students with distinct zones perfectly adapted to teaching and learning styles.

This cleverly designed range of modular furniture consists of a standard bay, with inserts to suit every permutation of a modern learning space, including shelving, reading dens, study areas, display, acoustic panelling, scribble boards and elegant storage options.

With elements available in a range of contemporary colours and finishes – the only limit is your imagination…

Mix and Match…

Create YOUR Everna™ system today.

Explore the possibilities of your Everna™ by selecting and combining elements and colours that suit your space and requirements.

Choose your Module

Read and Explore

Study Space

Present-it Space

Group Study


Cosi Corner

Study Nook

Breakout Space

 Read and Relax

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